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3 things

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Christianity needn’t be complicated. Jesus expressed the nature of God with elegant simplicity. There are just 3 things we need to know:

The universe is not a cosmic accident. Though there have been numerous accounts of our origins which suggest otherwise, we and the universe around us have been carefully and purposefully designed.  Read full article »

An Idiot's Guide to Christianity

Rob is presenting a fast moving, interactive exploration of the message and life of Jesus, on Tuesday 25th November at 8pm, followed by a lightening speed history of the Christian church, considering how much (or little) it has continued along the path that Jesus laid.   Read full article »

Remembrance Sunday

On Sunday 9th November, at 11am, we will - as always - remember those who have died in during the wars of the past century. This year's Remembrance Service stands as part of our continuing commemoration of the centenary of the First World War.   Read full article »

November Theme - Judgement & Mercy

We all make judgements - it is an essential part of life. However, none of us likes to be judged - we think of that as a negative experience. 

Judgement is a concept that easily makes us feel uncomfortable when used in a religious context. However, it comes up consistently in Jesus’ teaching, so we need to face it, and try to understand what it meant to him.  Read full article »

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