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August Theme: Heroes and Villains of Old

During August, St John's delves into some of the most wonderful stories in the Bible. This year we turn our minds to the oldest stories of them all, from the opening pages of the Bible. These prehistoric tales emerged out of the depths of time.  Read full article »

WW1 Vigil

To mark the anniversary of the outbreak of World War One, St John's is holding a candlelit vigil on Monday 4th August, 10pm. Featuring music, readings and poems of the time, this simple and solemn vigil will lead up to 11pm, the time that war was declared. The vigil will follow the form of similar events being held across the country at the same time.

Murder Mystery Play

Who Killed the Hotel Manager? Saturday 26th July, 7.30pm  Read full article »

Pub Games Evening

St John's will be turning its medieval walls and Victorian floor to some good old-fashioned fun on Saturday 12th July, with a Pub Games Evening. A variety of traditional pub games will be on offer, including skittles, darts and shove-hapeney. There will also be a card house challenge and a beer mat flipping competition.   Read full article »

July Theme: Emotions

Emotions can be pleasant or unpleasant, welcome or unwelcome, helpful or unhelpful, but whether we like them or not they are a core part of what it means to be human. Biologically, they are a chemical responses to the world around us, but there's more to it than that. Emotions are part of that aspect of humanity which the writers of Genesis described as being 'made in God's image'.  Read full article »

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