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3 things

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Faith needn’t be complicated. Jesus expressed the nature of God with elegant simplicity. There are just 3 things we need to know:

The universe is not a cosmic accident. Though there are accounts of our origins which suggest otherwise, we and the universe around us have been carefully and purposefully designed.  Read full article »

Moving On

Rob Harrison, the vicar of St John's, will be moving away from Hillingdon at the end of February. He has been appointed as Vicar of St Catherine's Church in Neasden.  Read full article »

Confirmation Service

St John's is delighted to welcome Pete Broadbent, the Bishop of Willesden, on Sunday 25th January, for a confirmation. Bishop Pete will be joining our worship throughout the morning, and will be confirming members of St John's during both the mid-morning and late-mornign sections. A total of twelve teenagers and six adults will be confirming their commitment to God, and their Christian faith.

Christmas Services

At the heart of Christmas lies the inspiring story of Jesus' birth: in the middle of the night, a hundred miles from home, in an over crowded town where the only place for Mary to lay her baby was in an animals' manger. Make a little room in your festive schedule for the story that gives Christmas its heart. 

Sunday 21st December:  Read full article »

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