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3 things - in brief

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Christian life and faith needn’t be complicated. Jesus made it his business to stand against the complex demands of religious traditions, and expressed the truth about God and us with elegant simplicity. There really are only 3 things that we need to know:  Read full article »

Holy Week - Special Services

The week leading up to Easter Day (Holy Week) is a time when Christians traditionally reflect on the final days of Jesus' earthly life. At St John's we have special events on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday 16th April, 8pm - "The Life of Jesus from close up" dramatic readings from St John's personal account of Jesus' life (including Communion)  Read full article »

April Theme - A story of death and life

Easter has been a season of eggs, chicks, flowers and bunnies for a very long time indeed. And for the past 2000 years another story has been written on top of these ancient spring traditions, a story of sacrificial love, death and life.  Read full article »

3 things

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This spring, at St John's, we are focussing on "3 things" that lie at the heart of our faith, 3 things that make up the core of Jesus' message: there is a God who carefully created the universe; God knows us and loves us; and God expects of us that we love one another.  Read full article »

Ash Wednesday - 4th March

Ash Wednesday is the traditional start of the season of Lent. We will be holding special Ash Wednesday services at 9am and 8pm. These will be quiet and reflective services, and anyone is welcome to take part.

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