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    & Children/Student Display Area! (Click here for displays)

    Hi children and students living in the Hillingdon/Uxbridge/Hayes areas!

    Do you have something you have been working on at home for display?

    Please email it (Or FB) to abradford@hotmail.co.uk and we'll put it in our display area.

    No names will be used, just initials.

    Then the whole world can see!

    Click here for displays or hit the 'Children/Student Display' tab on this website.


      In line with government guidelines St. John's, and all church buildings, are closed at this time.

    The church, the body of believers, is of course very much active and alive!

    Keep coming back to the website for news and online content.

    Love & Prayers,

    Alan (the Vicar)


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  • UCB Prayerline is all about bringing God into the equation of your life. This confidential service is available to you whoever you are and whatever background you come from. Trained Christian volunteers will take your call and pray for you and with you.


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